(SG 1-14)

This course enables personnel/frontliners to enhance their skills in handling tasks like receiving phone calls, jotting down appointments of the superior and other similar functions.  It also provides participants with the systematic procedures in keeping records and attending to clients' needs in their respective offices.

This seminar is intended to provide records officers, administrative staff, information technology professionals, and managers with an overview of laws and regulations regarding the identification, maintenance, access, and retention of public records.  

This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for efficient and effective functioning of administrative officers/assistants or any employee designated as such in their respective offices. 

This course is designed to equip personnel with adequate understanding and working knowledge of the systems, processes, policies and other regulations pertaining to property and supply management. This course is tailored to national/corporate government personnel with updates on RA 9184.

This course will discuss the basic HR concepts, theories   and programs. It also covers topics on understanding HRMO roles in facilitating the delivery of HR services, promoting performance and productivity, managing HR-related conflict, and advocating workplace ethics. Likewise, an overview of the latest trends on  recruitment tools  and strategies, types of test and test administration, interviewing techniques, types of employee benefits , and other HR programs will be given.

This course covers topics on CSC rules, policies and standards on recruitment, screening, qualification, employment, appointments preparation, and other personnel actions.

This program covers topics that will build the capacity of administrative/personnel/HRM officers on leave administration and computation.

This course provides HR practitioners with the concepts and hand-on training on the basic maintenance of HR Systems such as ALEMS and PMIS. It also equips the participants with the ability to create more sophisticated documents and how to incorporate graphics, tables, and lists in preparing HR-related reports.